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Make-up for Asian skin and dark

The make-up trends are universal and apply to everyone. For the white, the color and dark skin. But it is beautiful to the colors and shapes you for your make-up look just choose your type. To learn more about it, interviewed up artists of the Dutch House of Nubian Queen Cosmetics, skin care line and multicultural make-up collection with special attention to skin color (of the Asian skin to very dark skin). They tell more make-Uptrends especially for the holidays for these skin types.

The colored lady loves class
"Where late Nubian Queen is inspiration and what is the make-up for the holidays like?" First question.

"Our inspiration is ancient Nubia (southern Egypt, a region on the border of the Arab and African world) and the dark woman. The make-up for the holidays, festive and stylish. In general, do neutral shades such as copper and bronze during the festivities very well. The colored lady loves class. Think of a stylish combination as: neutral earth tones with bright colors. "



Invest in nepwimpers
We are curious if nepwimpers by Nubian Queen join this season?

"The dark woman generally has short and curly eyelashes. Nepwimpers great full to her the finishing touch. NQ has various sizes and models ranging in price up to 15 euros. They are not disposable lashes. ' If you keep them clean after wearing, you can wear them again. "

A mysterious Egyptian look
More about the colors. Already have the combination of neutral earth tones to bright hues. Would now like to know more about.
"For sultry and seductive eyes with warm reds and browns and bronze and gold tones of the NQ Eyedusts. These shades are very nice on the upper eyelid, a highlighter, but also under the eye. Then apply some eye shadow with a wet brush in the form of an eyeliner and voila ... you have an Egyptian look, say: Look the Nubian Queen. "

Make-up color advice for your skin type
What make-upkleuren (eyes, mouth, blush) you recommend for different skin types?
The white and light skin color
For white and light colored skin, recommend as Star Bust Afterglow blush on. The lip color is a lipgel in the "Hush" very beautiful. Make it go off with a beautiful sheen that you 'Wetlips "can create. For the eyes, suggest gold and opal-like tones (eg loose eyedust NQ: opal, dazzling gold pink stone and HD). The ophthalmic can use wet or dry as eyeshadow as eyeliner.
The Asian Skin
If recommend blush to Alabaster Bust Star. The lips may have a honey-like color (lipgel 'Honey Gold' and then finish with Wetlips). The eye chooses NQ for the Asian-type and golden-bronze shades (HD bronze, stone and dazzling gold star).
The Hindu skin
The Hindu skin Nubian Queen chooses a blush with the evocative name "Star Bust sunburst. The lips have a mauve tint and, as with other skin types, a beautiful gloss (Mauve Glow and Wetlips). For the eyes copper tones and a touch of gold (NQ Eyedust Burnt Copper, Brass Brown and Gold Star)
The Creole skin
For the Creole skin chooses Nubian Queen, like the Hindu skin, for a blush in the tonality 'Star Bust sunburst. The lips are back in a not too sweet gloss color (NQ Truffle lipstick and Wetlips). And the eyes go back to NQ sensual earth tones, especially this time bronze (NQ Eyedust Rustique, HD Bronze and Sensual).

Diamonds are a girl's best friend
Which make-up products in that time you should definitely have sitting in your purse?

Source tones are this season and actually quite stylish and if you can not without demanding lady! And if you do want to pamper yourself then there is make-up hype of the moment: The Diamond Collection consisting of foundation, powder and lipstick matching. The packages are enriched with the NQ-logo Swarosvki crystals. A jewel for any dresser . "

A spotless skin and hair glitter!
Do you have a handy make-up tip for any readers of Nubian Queen of Hip Style?

"Create a perfect skin and hair with glitter Velvet Veil, a colorless gel with nourishing sunscreen you can use in different ways. Is your skin blotchy, bring before you the camouflages spots, first with Velvet Veil. The adhesion is improved and the skin looks radiant. The gel nourishes the skin and make-up fixes, it is a real all-in-one "product."
"Moreover, as Veil Velvet hair styling gel used. Knead the gel in your hair and then sprinkle NQ Eyedusts HD Loose or paints on. Your hair glitter is ready for the holidays. The same can also make your cleavage. A little gel, then a touch of NQ Eyedusts Dazzling Gold or Stone. So crier you in no time a beautiful long lasting glitter for your hair and cleavage. " Holidays would be a heavenly!