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Do I need to be a model?

Become a model not just having a pretty face, A slim body, high and know to be paraded, there are many more requirements if you want to become a good "Dummy".

1. Nobody will give away nothing in the world fashion. You can be the beauty impressive as ever walked the earth, owner of a fortune or charming, funny and smart, That will not matter if vouchers.

2. To be a model is needed conjunction perfect of various factors (attitude, Image, motivation, character, effort, determination, personality and a lot of maturity) which, together a wee bit of luck step can help you be the major gateways or face covers. But until then only get a few and many of them do not even manage to make a healthy way.

3. And another of the rules for being a top is be mature enough to live in a chaotic world in which the vices are the order of the day. Drugs and alcohol are very close to the mannequin, especially after major events, these "mega party" that many envy no real knowledge of the facts.


4. The world of modeling such as sports, for example, is not eternal. Typically lasts as long as your youth and beauty, unless you have become one of the "big" when you finish have to find life as any other mortal. It is therefore important to have options and alternatives, ie, do not let your studies.

5. The universe we call "fashion" as many other areas of society, is a "man's world". Photographers, designers, hairdressers, makeup artists ... For a young and beautiful girl is not easy. My final tip is to carefully model asperante friend.

And now ... what should I do? Well if you have the above requirements and you are strong and able to exercise as a model have to contact an agency you "present to society", ie you open doors for designers and brands you know.

Need a book, that comes first. A professional photographer will make a photo shoot with your face washed, Jeans and a white shirt, not sure you sound? But that, and everything else will your agency. You do not have agency? I advise you in this regard that do not join any. Each agency has a way of working, aesthetics and style.

You should feel comfortable with the results you see that others before you have obtained with the help of the modeling agency. Obviously if you do not like their work is not the agency should represent you.