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The Best Masks and Appropriate time to Apply a Moisturizing Mask

Have you ever wondered what the best time to apply a hydrating mask? We do know, after a peel test, you will get better results! The best way of giving a true mime to dry skin or something tight is the application of a moisturizing mask, especially if you spend the day in a laden or dry environments.

To optimize performance, nothing like making a soft peeling or exfoliation on the face, which helps eliminate dead cells and allows assets to operate in deep moisturizing.

This type of mask should become a weekly routine practice for dry skin, and a comforting cure for skin exposed to very cold weather, wind, excessive sun or charged environments due to heating.


The Best Masks:

Wash the face is one thing, cleaning is very different. The first act is nothing but an act of hygiene, but to remove toxic waste pollution, is deposited (especially in the face) is not only with water. Its side effects are not expected and result in an accumulation of dirt and dead cells that can contribute to premature wrinkling.

That's why recommend this masks that are very effective and yet inexpensive.

Total Hydration:

•Ingredients: the flesh of an avocado and a lemon.
•Preparation: mash the avocado with about five drops of lemon to create a paste.
•Standby time: about 15 minutes.
•Suitable for: dry skin.
•Effect: hydrates and moisturizes.

To Hide the Pores:

•Ingredients: Egg whites.
•Preparation: Separate the white from the yolk and beat about to meringue.
•Standby time: 15 minutes or until dry.
•Suitable for: oily skin and open pores.
•Effect: how to feel up and closes the pores of your skin.

Highly Refreshing:

•Ingredients: carrot and potato.
•Preparation: Grate the carrots and potatoes, and mix well.
•Standby time: let it sit for 20 minutes.
•Suitable for: dry skin.
•Effect: moisturizes and refreshes

Brightness and Brilliance:

•Ingredients: one egg, 3 tablespoons yogurt, 1 teaspoon of honey.
•Preparation: In a bowl mix the three ingredients to form a homogeneous mixture.
•Standby time: 20 minutes sufficient.
•Suitable for: all skin types.
•Effect: giving light to the face.

Matte and Relaxed:

•Ingredients: cucumber.
•Separate the remaining two slices and mash until pulpy. Apply the pulp on the face and place the slices on the eyes.
•Den rest time: 15 minutes.
•Suitable for: oily skin and eyes swollen.
•Effect: it absorbs excess oil and lessens the irritation of the eyes.

 Peach Skin:

•Ingredients: one egg yolk with two tablespoons of honey.
•Preparation: Stir the two ingredients in a bowl until a creamy consistency.
•Time: 15 to 20 minutes
•Suitable for: all skin types.
•Effect: It is very nutritious and soothing.


•Ingredients: 5 strawberries and three tablespoons of plain yogurt.
•Preparation: Puree strawberries and add the yogurt.
•Standby time: retires after 15 minutes.
•Suitable for: dry skin.
•Effect: moisturizes and adds color to the skin

Types of Masks :

Whether air pollution, climate, neglect or the passage of time, our skin is affected and suffers. To help you recover from such aggression can resort to the masks , and that within its principal functions are: clean, restore and nourish our skin . All with the goal of keeping your skin with a smooth and healthy appearance. And for that we have different types of masks.


They are used to absorb fat and impurities from the skin . I leave pores clean and prevent you from pimples and blackheads.
Ideal for normal to oily skin.

Moisturizing and Nourishing

As its name implies, gives moisture and other nutrients needed for your skin. Thus, soften your skin, restoring its fresh and velvety.
They are especially ideal for dry and mature.


Help remove dead cells and impurities from the skin . It makes your face look fresh and bright, also minimizes wrinkles on mature skin.
Although beneficial for all skin types, are ideal for skin prone to fat.