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Chanel Tattoos

Tattoos have become, for many, a second skin. There are many firms have realized this, they do not adorn their creations with elements characteristic of the tattoo world, create your own.

Chanel is the case, which included tattoos created especially for spring-summer collection 2010.

They are called Transfer Tattoo and are impressive. Although tattoos do not like to admit that there are very elegant.

In all cases, because there are several models, is characteristic of the brand logo as pearl necklaces or charms, with delicate and subtle ways.

They are created by the firm's creative director, Peter Philips, and will be available until March at a price of approximately $ 75 (52 euros).

How to remove a tattoo?

Yes, but for one reason or another no longer want that tattoo you perform for months and not know how to delete it. Then there are some techniques such as surgery to place skin grafts, or salt to sand abrasion skin, have been implemented years ago but have the disadvantage of leaving scars. But we recommend two techniques give satisfactory results:

It is a procedure where the particles are fragmented pigmented skin, causing it to split into smaller units that the body can be removed more easily. To achieve completely remove the tattoo should ongoing treatment about 6 sessions (although it varies according to size and color) and between sessions should rest at least 6 weeks. This means that a procedure can last between 6 months and a year or so. It should be noted that the colors are easier to remove black and blue, while the most difficult are the red and green. Other factors that determine the time of treatment include skin tone and age of the drawing.
By applying the laser feel discomfort, like when you stick needles, so that doctors always put a numbing cream an hour before the laser supply. The cost varies by size, color and complexity of the tattoo.
After the procedure, the tattoo can become completely erased, although it occurs in all cases. Most are fairly clear but not entirely disappeared.

Cover up:
Known among professional tattoo to cover up the English term, is preceded relates to camouflage an old drawing with a new one is created from something already done, so use the lines and textures for previous good design and not for worse. The duration of labor depends on the size and work to be done, in any case is virtually the same as normal to get a tattoo. The pain depends on the area to work and the sensitivity of each person. If you did you get a tattoo, no surprises. The cover up is almost the same.
Like a regular tattoo, the costs range between 20 and $ 80 for one small, between 80 and 180 dollars for a medium, and more than $ 180 for large drawings. But you can not predict the exact cost until the job is completed.
If the cover up makes you a professional who knows not only tattoo, but is also an artist, surely the results will be satisfactory. The advantage over lasers is that the cost is considerably lower.