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Cocktail Fashion Spring-Summer 2011

Fashion trend is one of the perfect places for all types of model. Become a model all new male models and female models are attend in a fashion trend or a fashion show for achieving good knowledge about modeling. In this way  they learn latest idea about modeling and new models makes them as a successful model.

Since the 20's formal dress to casual wear reigns over the desktop and mid-afternoon the world, the cocktail dress. It is essentially a short dress, flattering yet comfortable, stylish but not necessarily easy, a garment with which the holiday dress day, cultural events, in ceremonies mid-afternoon, a dress required at all cabinet that boasts to be social. This year the Cocktail Dress is defined by the major trends in Fashion Spring-Summer 2011 in general. Dresses are compact structures and mix of fabrics, with cuts imitating origami, asymmetrical sleeves and flashbacks of the seventies and eighties.


Long above the knee and diversity of color:

Major designers agreed this time in the long cocktail dress, all prefer short. The height is generally chosen on the knee or mid-thigh, or both levels, with asymmetric cuts and sleeves. Pleated skirts, skirt or double cross at different heights, startling forms of women. Will look like in the rest of styles for this Spring-Summer, Neutral colors like ice, lead, silver, gold and black. But bright, bold oranges, reds and fuchsias plain or combined. They are decorated with feathers, ruffles, crystals, lace and beading.

These are dresses that highlight her shoulders, leaving it exposed, one or both, or highlighting them with wide sleeves, lantern type, long or emulating a stole or shawl over one shoulder. We need to seek balance with the skirt that goes perfectly separated, with the cut always at the waist.

The black will continue enduring the note of sobriety, but may be combined with silver ornaments, precious stones and embroidery, starring in contrast to that was released this Fashion 2011. Deep greens, blues, grays and bronzes also have their place.

Various tissues for a diversified fashion:

As a trend this season, the tissues that are chosen for prom dresses go through the full range of fabrics, from the soft and light, even the most solid and structured. They are draped, tulle, satin smooth and soft, mixed with feathers, lace, embroidery, delicate silks and cold silver metal. Common denominator, the cut at the waist, which is very marked in some designers and others merely hinted at. The necklines very pronounced or word of honor. The sleeve asymmetrical bluff or the armhole.

The skirts are tailored, cross ruffled, pleated or straight, but always above the knee or mid thigh. Carry feathers, lace and embroidery, beading or metallic reasons, but always on solid colors and only two-tone combination. Overall is a comfortable dress, very combinable and designed to enhance the hips and style legs. Stands out as an informal style, but this season has managed to pronounce the woman's natural elegance, creating a timeless dress that can be used in numerous events and events with minimal changes.