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Eye Make-up spring and summer 2010

Make-up secrets first hand. Some maquillages seem complicated and yet so easy to create. Just do you know which products to use and how to proceed. Thus, the make-up for the show stunningly simple but high impact. Explain below how this self-evident makeup with shiny golden brown eye make-up can achieve.


A foundation for light skin
The skin of the models, especially for the summer season, made surprisingly light. The foundation is hard to see but creates a porcelain-like complexion. Only high on the cheeks and on either side of the forehead is also a very slight orange blush made so that all attention to the center of the face is.

Select the make-up, preferably a liquid foundation with a half shade lighter than your skin. Apply the foundation with deep using movements. As if you press the foundation into your skin. Your skin and the foundation should be as it were one. Let the foundation also act and bring to a handheld with a slight blush (but no cream blush or a powder blush in a compact matte blush).

Camouflaged lips
The lips are made very light, almost camouflaged. There is a rather dull, almost skin-colored lipstick with a hint of pink used. The focus is on the eyes. Even if you think this makeup for a bright lipstick color, go with care. Use a lipkwastje. Want to make your lips look fuller what, bring in the middle of a little gloss to your lips.


Gold shiny brown eye make-up
The eyes are golden brown and put in a striking gloss finish. The secret of this eye make-up lies in a single product that actually recovering a product for the skin: Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant Elizabeth Arden, a very greasy cream suitable for dry skin and lips (ideally in air). But the cream is also perfect for a high gloss eye makeup! Color first moving part of your upper eyelids with a golden eye pencil that is relatively easily affixes. Make sure you primarily through the skin and between the lashes well inkier. Apply the golden brown color on your eyelids too.
Now do some Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant on the back of your hand, dip your finger in and bring the product to the eyelids. This cream can be constructed the pencil and your eyelids get the shine. For pronounced pull glance with a pencil line under the eye and then you again deep on some cream. Do also some cream on your eyebrows so that the hair is shiny and healthy looking.

Finishing touch: mascara
Finally do you especially many black mascara on the top and bottom lashes to.