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10 Festive Beauty Tips

Attention and love for yourself. Make yourself beautiful and you feel special. That only makes for a festive atmosphere. Let this year at the last moment to arrive. Now consider how you already make-up and it will do.

1.Work with a primer
Compare it with paint. For a nice primer to bring you first and then go to work in color. Today is the format in that way. First prepare your skin for a primer and then bring you to the foundation. The foundation committed more remain longer and the skin looks out smoothly.

2. Focus on the eyes
Eyes ...the mirrors of our souls. Let them shine these days. Smokey eyes are top. But colored eye shadow - deep green, deep blue, dark gray - is so chic!

3. Flutter with (fake) eyelashes
Nepwimpers are a must! Choose a striking pair (with color, feathers or stones) than you do your make-up not much more to do. Do you like classic, go for wimperstukjes or long black lashes to sultry them to flap. Do you always put first and then the eyelashes on.

4. Bonne friendly
Choose your foundation a half shade lighter than your complexion. For a marble-like winter skin. As an ice princess. And bring sweet, sweet, pink blush to your cheeks. As if you do - your prince - for the first time in the eye and blushes deeply.

5. Red lipstick
Go for red lipstick. The trend of this season: matrood!

6. For color
Natural Tints can still wear all year. Give your make-up color. Have fun with purple, green or even fuchsia.

7. Shiny hair
Remember that holidays are not your hair a nice shine to give a special glow or perhaps glitter spray.

8. Colored nail polish
This is an absolute must these days. For a striking color. Indigo Blue and black top. Dark is super chic. Fuchsia is playful and young.

9. Sweet perfume
No party without perfume. Apply a drop behind your ears and your neck on. Not only because the traditional places where you simply make the perfume, but also because every man with a friendly person you kiss on the cheek to greet your sweet and seductive fragrance will intoxicate.

10. A new hairdo
This is the time to look for change. For you to feel completely new. Sexy and seductive. Have you always dreamed of a new hairstyle, now pull the courage!