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The first steps for Modeling, develop a portfolio and composite

The book is the card of the model. For photography, the book of a model consists of a series of snapshots that show their physical and interpretation, with the largest number of registers and styles.

The best book consists of a selection of only the best photographs of many sessions held so that it displays a range that allows the end user to easily fit in your project model. A good book will also contain pictures that come from various jobs and even several photographers.

If the model aims to focus its work on a specific style or discipline, the photographs in his book should be directed towards them. Otherwise, the variety in the photographs in terms of styling, makeup, hair, perched and even attitudes of the model, is what will define the quality and effectiveness of the final book.

The book itself is simply a folder with several transparent sheets that keep the pictures, almost like a photo album. Can be purchased at photo shops and even a good professional photographer can provide copying services and making it.

The composite, very similar in concept to the book itself is a simplified version of it presented on a single card a selection of our best photos from the book of the model, in addition to basic information about it:

  • Name

  • Measurements: Hip / Waist / Chest

  • Height

  • Shoe size and shirt

  • Hair and eye color

  • Means of contact (Telephone and / or email)

The composite, unlike the book, usually delivered to the agency as a business card, so it is advisable to make many copies.

A composite usually has a size of about half DIN-A4 sheet and contain a selection of photographs of the model, but showing at the same time, and at least:
  • A close-up photography or close-up face
  • A full-body photograph
And for a composite is as effective as possible (And can also be applied to the book):
  • Photographs should be very different from each other, showing very different attitudes and resting.
  • Show changes of clothes and styles.
  • Makeup and different hairstyles, including hair dyed different colors.
  • Combine photos outdoor photo studio.
  • All the better if there are photographs of commercial work containing superimposed trademarks, publicity stunt, or even the names of the photographers, if they are well known.
  • The black and white photographs, and photographs and conceptual art are very welcome.
And as a final advice for the preparation of a composite or a book:
  • Include photographs of naked or in underwear is usually only beneficial if you are looking for work or casting is done is related to the bare or related brand advertising.
  • By contrast, the photos in bathing suits are very effective to show openly the body of the car without having to include nudity.
Any agency or casting director with experience will appreciate a good selection of photographs over the actual quality of the photographs. The optimum is, of course, make the right choice and that the selection includes only photographs of great technical and artistic quality.