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Hair fashion and tips : when you go to the stylist

To be in the latest fashions, the new motto of the designers is to achieve a personal style and feminine, comfortable and practical, with a carefree and happy picture, with the following suggestions:

Courts: Contrasts of measures in each style, playing with the different areas of the head, short around the face to highlight the features and long that rest on the shoulders.

Methods: Volumes on top of the head area, including  touches of mild asymmetry, bell-shaped forms in entire areas.

Details: The choice is textured square tips to create a more compact finish. These days the woman who represents the feminine is sophisticated, unique and exquisite, yet must be a bright and carefree girl with a good haircut.

Irregular forms: cuts of today are very irregular, with a wide range of measures, from the shortest to the women practice, to the hardwood for the most sophisticated hair.

High volumes: The high volumes in the upper layers serve as a source of inspiration for today's hairstyles.

Long hair current women's fashion brand, but with sensual and seductive details, encouraged by informal collected, women that evoke sensuality-icons like Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot.

For special times, zone and loose ends boisterous and free. The novelty of these styles Feeling is collected in these semi-informal, giving you an air of angry young and new.


The proposed color for the hair covers the entire range of blond Nordic very clear from the gold and beige, brown mixed with chocolate, hazelnut, honey and caramel:

Blond with brown: blond touches as opposed to brown, honey blonde tones on medium brown, golden blond highlights on light brown.

Chiaroscuro contrasts: dark roots to get relief and more depth of color.

 Warm reds and coppers: Brown red and soft copper are chosen as warm colors.

When you go to the stylist:

Talk openly with your stylist and tell the time you are willing to spend styling your hair each morning.
Although a cut you like a lot, talk with your stylist first, he or she will tell you if it is to your face and hair type.

When it comes to style:

Practice and enjoy trying new hairstyles, to see how many different ways you can style your new cut.
That do not forget to check your hair back before going out, almost all we care about style and the front side, but not the back.