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Fashion Hairstyles : Pigtails

If you are the hairstyles you like practical, not too complicated you life and the queue is one of your most sought after options, you are lucky. And is there is no doubt that, with the braids, the eternal ponytail retrieves role, as we have seen in some of the parades of the main international catwalks for spring-summer. Albeit with very different styles: that cascade high, straight, tousled air ... and even double!

You can bet by creating your own style and show them off high or low, to one side or combined with fringe.

For special occasions, choose which concentrates the volume at the crown with the help of hair and a slight carded. The hair on the sides stick to the head by fastening products, leaving the factions completely free and very clear.

If you want an informal air, bet on a low ponytail and let out some highlights.

A hint: if you do not have a large hair, no problem: he turns to wear the extensions for one of the hairstyles of the season. And if you're daring, why not try two juveniles funny and pigtails?


Just do not abuse this should look, especially if you tend to make them too tight. The reason? Hairstyles that pull a lot of hair like dreadlocks, braids or even the tight pigtails cause traction which, if continued, could end up causing alopecia.

Queues, queues of hair, are in fashion, hairstyles some options, but that will make you easy to be fashionable.

The tail cover :

•Make a ponytail at the height of the neck and hold it with a rubber band.
•Take a lock of hair from the bottom of the tail and the tail so to make up the league completely.
•The end of the lock's can hide under and putting it in the league or putting a pin through the bottom of your ponytail.

The typical criteria:

•Use a conditioner that does not have to rinse and dry your hair with a towel (not squeezed) to remove excess water.
•Untangles your hair with a wide-tooth comb and make a loose ponytail at the height of the neck and tie it with a donut or clamp.
•Finally, spray some hair spray so that the styling is kept in place.