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Tricks to Remove Makeup & Makeup Tricks to Shine

Did you know that makeup can give you a hand to rejuvenate your style? We will give you little tricks and secrets to take years with the magic of brushes, brush and color.

* When choosing your foundation. .. It is important to use formulas glossy, hydrating and lifting effect, always in a shade lighter than your skin, which softens the features.

* What colors? It confirms the maxim that less is more. It is not not apply makeup, but using softer colors and with a small amount of product for a transparent effect.

* And ... It is important to implement the lines blur a lot, so it is a very mild stroke. In addition, all must have a line slightly upward to pull for the features up.

* Take advantage of the eyes. Not desirable to mask the lower lashes. It is preferable to enhance the exterior of the lid there being more generous with shadows and mascara. And one last tip: no shadows very bright: it is better to opt for satin and smooth finishes.

A happens to us all that we do not have time to make-up as we wanted, but beat the time you share a few tricks of makeup so you do not grasp the time with a face.


* Use a moisturizer with color. In a single product combine sunscreen, hydration and coverage, improving the complexion look completely natural. This is the perfect choice for skins that want to convey a youthful image and unobtrusive.

* Translucent powder may be a good substitute for foundation. Applied with the tassel on the thick skin, and then remove the excess with a brush. Simply apply over the T-zone (chin, nose and forehead) to give a matte appearance and skin care.

* Anyone with dark eyelashes can give up the mask and replace it, which gives a lively appearance to look at just a few seconds. Women can use tabs to clear dye, which takes place in hair salons and beauty and lasts four to six weeks.

* The blush is applied in only twenty seconds and encouraged to face more off. Women may choose more lazy cream formulas, extending his fingers, or very transparent products that give life to the skin in a completely natural. The trick is to dip the brush into the product, blow on it to remove excess, and only then take it to the round face and broad gestures.

* The transparent lipsticks are perfect for buffing and just a little color as to contain a low concentration of pigment can be applied even without looking in the mirror. Apparently more striking colors (pink gum, blood red, deep purple) are the most natural look, since they imitate the tone of the complexion flushed. The secret of these products is to be applied with fingers, somewhat irregular, to achieve the "mouth bite."

Makeup tricks to shine in New Year:

It's the last night of the year and as such, we want to be dazzling. Sometimes a few simple tricks can help us get to become the queens of the party. Notes that we offer below to get a look enviable

* The key to any makeup holiday is just one point out of the face (e.g. eyes with dark shadows require neutral lips and vice versa), and the appearance of skin care, and only the best canvas for any color.

* A good option is to go for lighting effects products. An example is iridescent, metallic sheen that gives a much more subtle. But be careful in using them, it is not very advisable to cover the entire face with them, but limited only to one or two areas of the face. For example, eyes and cheeks, and mouth or skin.

* The most groundbreaking and daring aspect is expressed through the brilliance of vinyl or mirror effect, ultra-pure reflexes that are deposited in unusual places such as the eyelids or cheekbones.

* You can use gloss for eyes, like a shadow specific (e.g. 'Juicy Tubes' ), which mimics the brightness obtained by the lip gloss. A good trick to get that reflection is to use Vaseline on the eye shadow you want, a cheap and effective action. This look requires constant maintenance (it cracks and folds in the eyelids are easily) and also keep the hair combed to keep the eyes removed, since otherwise the hair is usually glued to shine, which is very annoying.

* The same gloss of the eyelids can be used on the lips, giving them a very juicy and sensual. Feel free to mix different colors and even texture on the mouth, why not combine a brown lipstick with golden reflections of a shadow?

* Stretch reflexes throughout the skin: shoulders, neck, hands and even legs! Tones are enhanced by providing them with a soft glow. The pearly translucent powder particles are bright and uniform appearance to the body.

* No more festive color than gold: their sumptuous dress up connotations of a single stroke even the most modest overall.

* Do not cover the entire face of gold: If you extend the color, you should concentrate on one point, for example, the eyes. A very flattering to wear gold is applying simple points of light, like a tiny flash reflections. For example, just a touch of brightness in the center of the eyelid (eyes open), on top of the cheekbones (mixed with normal blush), or in the center of the lower lip, to add bulk to the mouth.