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The road to the Model, Model Agency and Casting

How to get a successful model is usually long and requires lots of patience, optimism and humility. Often the dream of working as a model is already over before it has even begun, because very few candidates meet the expectations of the agencies. Anyone who does not want to be discouraged after all, can be a model in different ways.

Most models are not simply discovered and stopped on the street. Rather, they must decide for themselves advertise, by appealing directly to agencies and introduce yourself. In the yellow pages you will find local modeling agencies, including Internet there are addresses. Those who have friends who are already working as a model, can ask to find a reputable agency to these tips. Not every agency is reputable and offers a free inclusion in their index.


When we apply the model agencies are best with a photo session, with high-quality and professional photos the individual person is provided. As is often the first impression is crucial, the job application be a looker, and stand out from other folders. As with any other application should also be a professional, formal letter and not a lack of information about themselves. This includes detailed information on body measurements and clothing size.

Displays an agency interest in the job, she takes the candidates on their register and create a free Sed card. This is now on a personal business card of the applicant and will photographers and made available to other clients who are looking for a model. The generation of a Sed-Card is the first step to the model is complete, now it is only on the first casting or wait for offers.

Another possible model to be the online application at various sites on the Internet model. The opportunities here are greater, especially for candidates who do not have the ideal body size. On these pages you can build your own Sed card or apply directly to requests from photographers. You can let us invite professional to test or test shoots and in this way make the first experience with small orders. Online you can publish his own portfolio, are presented in the previous collaborations with photographers.