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How does a Model Prepare for a Shoot?

If you want to get good pictures and a perfect result for your next shoot, minimal preparation is essential. Here are some tips to help you prepare and you have to follow it even if you are beginner. Do not wait the last minute to learn and follow the advice we give you below. You should make it a habit! These tips are aimed particularly at the camera model but can also be useful for other categories of models.


Eating habits and exercise:

We know you're excited and happy (is) the idea of a photo and that you will want to be in good shape. And being fit is super important for a shooting to be successful. But do not expect the day to start eating healthy, jog or go to the gym! Diet and exercise program must be done on a consistent basis and progressive, not just for a weekend, just because you going to do a shoot on Monday! If you follow an exercise program and diet, continues normally, without doing more, because you're going to take pictures. Now if you do that fed burgers and cakes, we advise you to diversify your diet several days before the photos but also to change those bad eating habits for obvious reasons of health. Pay attention to how you feed and how to talk with you physically, is very important to succeed as photo model, model, contained etc..

Attention to facial care products and makeup!

Regardless of the temptation that you may have to try new products face care or makeup before a shoot, abstain from doing so. You could be an allergic reaction to these new products, thereby compromising the shooting schedule. Use only products that you know and you usually use. Wash your hair, introduce yourself to shoot with with clean hair.

 Ideas poses:

You should have ideas for poses and not wait several days before a shoot to train yourself. But if you look at some magazines and catalogs before a photo shoot, it may be able to give you new ideas to ask. When you look at the photos of models in these magazines, note how the models pose but be as attentive to the clothes they wear or they. Because the poses are often dictated by the garment for enhancing the best way possible.


What expressions are the models?

Also look how the photographer used lighting, background ... Watch all of this will make you more sensitive artistically. Train yourself to ask regularly before a mirror, there is no better way for you to learn.

 Before you go to the photo studio or at the scene of shooting:

There are necessities that you must do the day before or a few days before.

Hair removal:

- Your arms and your legs should be fully shaved (for women).
- Clean-shaven unless otherwise photographer for men.
- Attention to waxing which can leave skin rash.


- Pass to a full manicure and pedicure the day before the shooting.
- Requests the photographer what he wants to color the nails of your hands.
- Do not put red polish on the nails of your feet. Possibly only a clear varnish applied.

Skin Care:

- Make sure you have removed a few days before the shoot dead skin with a good scrub and use a good moisturizer to clean and soften your skin.

What to you take with you the day of the shooting:

Requests the photographer if there are particular things that you should bring. You have to take with you a makeup kit complete unless a makeup or makeup artist is scheduled for shooting. You must also bring you clothing accessories such as:

- Various shades of pantyhose (at least 3 and not spun ...)
- Lingerie (panties and bra) nude black and white.
- A few scarves, belts, jewelry and fashion shoes in different colors.

Be well rested:

Again, we know you're very happy and looking forward to this shoot but do not sleep either. Rest you and go to bed early, even if you do not feel tired and think you did not sleep. You fall asleep, it will do you good and you will be more relaxed for your shoot.