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Secrets of a Model

Sometimes he wonders about the life of a model. What things make the models to take care and stay beautiful. Here, we discussed about the secrets of a model.

How you care for your skin?

Personally I am of the view that the fewer things we use, we will have better skin.  I am not a dermatologist or even less, but I rely on my personal experience with my face and body.  To keep it well you apply a very light moisturizer brand Biotherm, only when I feel that the skin has begun to dry out. Once a month I clean the skin with an exfoliating cream also from the same brand. Use good makeup brands such as: Mac, Sepia and Lancome. Essential, is carefully removed her makeup before sleeping, for this I use a cleansing gel and tonic Biotherm Lancome. The rest is just good care of the sun with sunscreen. For the body only applies moisturizer after every bath. I use creams are Nivea (the blue tin) and the Johnson oil cream.

What elements do you use for makeup?

A spell of dark circles and base.  The base has to be exact color of your skin, or pink, or yellow, it is best to try it on your skin before you buy. Brands: Mac, Revlon, Clinique, Sepia. The spell has to be lighter than the base. Brand: Lancome brings a very good palette with different colors (green is to cover the red spots).
Powder: volatile. Brands: Lancome, Mac, Clinique, Sepia and other well-known. The secret is not white, is finite and made little. A mascara. Lancome has some very good, revlon also do not have to be very thick so you do not leave black balls in the tabs.

Shadows: This is personal. If you do not know what makeup is best not to use odd colors, stick with the grays and browns. If you got kids eyes always light shading. Sometimes natural makeup are good gold and copper shiny but a little. If you got is very pretty blue eyes mark the shape of the eye shadow with black or wet but well attached to the contour. Brands: Sepia, Mac, Bourjous.
Liner: Eye is not used, except inside the eye, usually you buy a hard brush and finite well, get wet in the shade with water without fear and you delineate that. But if the mouth, skin color, it is noticed but not highlighted, no dark colors and fills Claritas. Mouth is always the finest natural painted. Brands: Clinique, Lancome, Mac, Revlon in general are all good but do not have to be very hard.
Flushing, one pulling a brown to orange when they burned and one board type healthy pink pale winter when they do not want you dead. Blush: MAC best. Bourjous also has a nice orange.
Lip pencil: lip almost never use, but using a cocoa butter in the mouth using the same liner fill up Clarita and transparent gloss. MAC sells lip gloss that is kind boligoma and good for daytime use, but other brands have something similar.

The rest of the secrets are good brushes, but this is the most expensive of all. For this Mac is the best, are expensive but worth it. Sino podes supplant some of which are sold in art houses and used to paint but they must have very soft bristles. You need one to comb the eyebrows, eyelashes comb one for one wide to spend the lightest shade, one more guy for black or brown, one little and hard to delinearte eyes, one for the lips, a powder brush and a to blush. The latest: a sponge to spend the base, rather porous and soft. For a make up in 15 minutes.
You put a little concealer only if you got dark circles or blemishes. Base Powder. Golden shadow around the eye. Rimel. Orange blush. Draw a little mouth, you put the gloss and go. That's what I do. Sometimes you add a quick delineated around the eye so that I look a bit because I have very clear.

How to take care of my hair?

This really is a problem for us. Our work requires us to be constantly making things like scissors, iron, blow dry, milkshakes and others, which we are mistreated hair inevitably. However, there are things you can do to take care and try to keep as healthy as possible.
For this, I try above all not to subject my hair to a brushing or a plate if it is not necessary and so let rest a little. On the other hand I once every two weeks to the salon of a famous hairdresser and stylist where I apply a bath of cream. I cut the ends only once a month because I like long hair. The rest is support and care at home with good shampoo and cream rinse as lines Kerastase or Sebastian.

How to care for your body?

Here I have a very important clarification regarding a "myth" that there are some models. Most girls who are models were chosen for being "skinny and tall", does that that mean? It means that no representatives will convene to work on a girl who is overweight after knowing that he will have to submit it to download. So most of us are like that for a hereditary or genetic issue allowing us for the envy of many, not be forced to do "diets". I personally do not do any kind of diet, although care certain foods, such as chips, so I would not bring impact on the skin. I, like many other models, I have a diet and highly varied in their good measure. Because to work there to be healthy, that's the most important and one patient could not perform.

Do you make exercise? What? In what way?

For this I must admit that I'm rather vague because I do not like going to the gym.
As I try to do sports but not keep you as fit as an exercise plan that you attend 3 or more times per week, it helps to maintain a healthy body and mind. I like skating, tennis, cycling, volleyball, squash and do some other things.