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Once upon a time the Red Carpet

The economy of the whole up fashion model with the support of the stars in the mass events. Fashion designers are realizing the importance of actors and artists in the music scene and put at your disposal every facility to look their clothes, their jewelry, their complements in red carpet.

The complicity of the stars is evident in the awards at the Oscars. The stylist Marie Alice Stephenson on the runways for the designs most appropriate for their constituents and allies with the brands that will never fail.

The red carpet advertising promotes brand:

A photo on the Oscars has more impact than the catwalk. The sector maximizes its investments with the frequent collaboration stars. Supermodels designs look like one, but still pretty actresses and also provide added value: they are women with normal measurements. The audience feels more worldly known brands and want to wear them. Strive to emulate their looks and hunt with his own model style. The prices of some products is prohibitive for most and this is where the ingenuity and convenience come together in the game of dress.

Zara, H & M, "looks" luxury at low cost:

Mango, Stradivarius, Zara, Bershka H & M or are some brands that sell fashion at very affordable prices. With her designs can emulate the style pin up of "Antimodel"90's, Kate Moss, or the chameleon-like Kristen Stewart. She is a vampire in the Twilight Saga, glamorous at parties and snapshots of paparazzi we see casual during morning breaks.

The style in glasses the famous not go unnoticed. Widely imitated by fans are looks Miley Cyrus model Rayban Wayfarer, Aviator sunglasses and carrying supercouple formed by actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Justin Bieber unisex style triumphs with his younger half of the world and imitate it. Among our national beauties of Princess Letizia has been showing a wide range of outfits on the covers of celebrity magazines and reference for many women inside and outside our borders. “Letizia is always impeccable and correct" Says designer and president of the Association of Fashion Designers of Spain Modesto LombaIn an interview with Europa Press.

Star Club:
The cocktail of public and fashion work very well. In the carousel fashion stakes are high. It is a business and the tandem like Nicole Kidman and Chanel are excellent. Exceed expectations. The income from the profitable mark the large sums paid to the actress.

The stars also take advantage of these experiences and collaboration assures benefits. Keep your image is a high price and its interventions in advertising their meetings with sponsors offered a bonus to the management of their careers.

Many of the actresses that we know have spent years doing movies but are particularly relevant today for his appearances in big events. Demi Moore, Sharon Stone still in the limelight for his involvement in charity events in awards. They are like walking advertisements, but stars despite the ephemeral context.

Consolidated Trends:

Fashion and brands are part of an indissoluble economic fabric. The stars and their public support this link and thereby get the necessary push fashion in the production, distribution and marketing of their products.

Aingeru Gabina, Marketing Director Converse Spain and Portugal said that the continued success of the brand is "position to know the trends breakthrough". Are tendencies who sows the public on the streets starting at humanizing the design possibilities it provides. As says the Italian writer and journalist Pitigrilli "fashion is the struggle between the natural instinct of dress and undress the natural instinct”.