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Personal Style : Fashion passes, style is forever

Personal style is a reflection of the person that is unique and we all have, not to be confused with fashion. Personal style is present in everything, when it comes to clothes we know the following:

1 - The style began to have confidence in yourself and loving and respecting your body. Self-confidence is reflected in the way you walk and act. The sexiest women are the most beautiful are those that are best in the world and they have confidence.

2 - Know your body. You know how your body and learn what kind of clothes suit you. Learn how you can accentuate your positive and negative cover. Nobody is perfect, do not auto critiques. Angelina Jolie has a triangular body and almost no hips. According to her stylist pending Angelina always wear clothing that conceals their skinny hips and emphasize their upper torso and her beautiful face.

3 - Build your wardrobe with basic pieces. What are the basic parts? This depends on your lifestyle. Read other articles in our style section to learn more about the basic parts.


4 - Your own image consultant. This advice we have given on many occasions, collect clippings of clothes you like, when you shop carries one of these cuts you and try on many pieces. This takes time but it will learn what your style and how you want to see and be seen.

5 - Take a chance. Do not think anyone's ideas in your head like "I do not use loose jeans" do not use without sleeves "" I do not use low-cut "etc. Try on all kinds of clothes, let the mirror and a couple of good friends who dress well you speak. Neither believe stereotypes and after the 35 not used miniskirts, Jennifer Lopez the continued use and looks great with them and some girls of 20 and not use them look good.

6 - Do not follow every trend. If the trends do not look good there is no reason to follow them. If your budget is limited, do not spend a fortune on fashionable clothing because it will "fashion" fast. Spends more on clothes that do not go out of fashion and fashion accessories used in fashion and clothing at prices more within reach.

7 - Accessories. The enhancements change the personality of the clothes, they add flavor and help to express your style. Use creative accessories and ask your grandmother some of its accessories "old" because they will add personality to your outfit.

8 - Learn "layering" that is to create layers in your clothes, the clothes combine. This is the secret of your clothes are "multiply" Wear shirts with jackets or other open blouse, blouses, T-shirts etc. Look at the pictures of famous or in catalogs and mix your clothes according to your taste.

9 - Colors. Use the mirror, if the color of the clothes are similar to your skin do not use it, will make you look tired and lifeless but even these colors by mixing them with others can be used.

Developing your personal style:

If you are putting clothes always adds new accessories. For example, if you're going to wear jeans and a shirt, stop awhile and think you can add that have never used with this outfit:

1 - A flower in her hair. Remember Drew Barrymore on the red carpet? If you do not like the flowers you can put other accessory
2 - A scarf worn as a belt or head
3 - A different belt can be lace, a ribbon, pearls (fake) etc.
4 - do not wear shoes with jeans
5 - A different bag
6 - Spectacles (glasses) of other colors

Accessories :
Accessories put the finishing touch and change the looks. Play with accessories, exchange them with friends, buy new and old. If you multiply your accessories multiply your looks.

Buying :
When shopping always try on something that never tested beam, mixing pieces that normally would not mix. In these experiments will discover something that suits you. Take your camera and tomato photos in the locker room only to see the looks you created and what you buy.

Be yourself:
This is most important. Do not try to look like another person, you have your own style and will fit better than any other. But you have muse and inspiration in others.

New and old, cheap and expensive, formal and informal etc. to create unique looks.

As you experiment with different styles gradually discover that you like best and you are more favorable for your figure. Read, watch and watch TV helps a lot but the practice is essential.

The biggest risk:
The biggest risk to be developing your style is not like other people. There is a huge risk because no matter what you do you will never get along with everyone. Dare, Do not fear the ridicule, he learns to laugh at yourself and if you make people laugh with your clothes let them laugh, was criticized.