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Physical Criteria and Age to Become a Model

Become a Model: At what age to start?

In Europe, it is mandatory to attend school until the age of 16. It is possible to become a model before this age, but parental consent is required. Before reaching age 16, the model will be subject to specific legislation particularly with regard to time constraints.

The age at which runs the career of a model is usually between 16 and 25. The career of a model stopping in at best 26 to 28 years, the agencies often seek to identify their future models before. It is not uncommon to spot their future models from the age of 14. However, it is never too early to start and make his / her weapons.


Is it possible to become a model if I do not measure more than 160cm?

At age 18, a model, 1m62, had a dream of becoming a supermodel. Pretend bad start to a great career because of its size, he/she (model) decided to do it at all costs. He / She never gave up. Today she is 25 years old and has become a top model who is talking about her. The small model seduced by his / her determination, generosity and character. It gives a lot of advice to other girls for a successful casting or shooting.

"The worst thing is not to enter all your opportunities" you repeated it endlessly. There is a misconception about models ... This misconception is: "A girl must be at least 1m72 to 1m85 " ... Be thin.

It is simply not true! And it is certainly not true right now! If you look at the hundreds of television commercials, advertisements in various model magazines, billboards ... you will see many different personalities as there are commercials. The truth is that advertisers need to target all the different groups of people in our society! And you too, are part of our vast society! There are people who dress like you who love the same things you and want to see what the clothes look like or the products they buy when they are worn by someone who is "like them".


And especially today, the cultural diversity of the population is increasingly diverse, the demand for models representing different groups of the population is increasingly important. We can not of course deny the desirability of presenting some clothes on girls very large, particularly in high fashion. There will always be a demand for large and thin models to be faithful to the imagination of the creators of high fashion and present their creations in their parades.

But by understanding the mechanism of recruitment, you have now a different view of modeling. You understand that job opportunities are as diverse as the physical models themselves. There are few industries that offer so many possibilities. The market is on an unimaginable scale!