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Preppy Style based not only on a dress but also to act

Due to the influence generated by one of the stars of Gossip Girl, Blair, ever be more noticeable on the street modeling style based on elegance and classic. The inspiration for this look comes from England, and especially the old English school, where the blue jackets were the key to those uniforms, accompanied by the tartan skirts.

What clothes to use:

A preppy look can be achieved with the help of some foundation garments. Some of them are:

1. Skirts and dresses: are the key to this style. Use them in pastel colors and looks to have cut Scotch. Search prints of polka dots, plaids or stripes.
2. Pants: avoid long pants. Swap them for shorts combined with thick socks in winter.
3. Shirts: also a very important element in this style. A white shirt with ruffles or frills key will be combined with any skirt or pants.
4. Shoes: the dancers are perfect for day and night for the rooms used or classic shoes. The moccasin is also used for this type of look.

Keys to this style:

In addition to clothing, to get a preppy look is necessary to consider some small details that will make our way to look perfect and well defined. Some of these details are:

1. Pearls: Both pendants, bracelets and earrings. Give a look to our natural elegance and will make it very sophisticated.
2. Links: use them as pin hair or clothing. Give a sweet touch to remind the English girls uniforms.
3. Above all, abusing and red pastels combined with the navy.

And for men ...

They can also sign up for the fashion model style. To do this, as women must use dark colors like blue and red, and especially plaid. Uniform jackets and costumes are key to achieving the desired style. In addition, the poles are the basic garment for day to day. Like the girls, as for shoes, loafers stand, which can lead in any color, and will delight the preppy boy.

In summary, to achieve this look we should pay special attention to colors and shapes, but above all take inspiration from the classic basic elegance of the Scottish uniform. But this dress also requires appropriate behavior based on elegance and poise.