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Remove Your Makeup before Bed

Remove Your Makeup before Bed


At the end of your day's activities is essential that you carry out a cleansing ritual to maintain the beauty of your skin. Only a face make-up removal and has been liberated from the impurities of the day can benefit from the privileges of adequate treatment to ensure his youth.

Finish is normal tired after a hard day at the office or school, but it is vital to be sure to clean your face twice a day is makeup or not, since the environment and cosmetics can create negative effects on your skin.

Pollution, dust, smoke, snuff, grease, sweat, the remnants of cream and makeup clog the pores of the skin, turning it opaque.

At night you must clean your face to remove any dirt that has accumulated throughout the day. Lie with your face washed and moisturized with a product that eliminates impurities and refresh your skin.

On waking removes the remnants of night cream and sweat and starts the day with a bright face, ready for makeup. For the active ingredients as the serum, or nourishing moisturizer and sunscreens are effective and penetrate the skin, apply after cleansing your face perfectly.


Choose the Right Product:

Depending on your skin type, you must choose the cream makeup remover and moisturizer for conducting a proper ritual cleansing.

- The oily skin: Characterized by excessive brightness and large pores, oil-free treatment needed to be applied twice daily.

- The dry skin: You need products that end up with dirt and also to stimulate the production of lipids to hydrate the face. The cleansing milks are best for this skin type.

- The mixed complexion: Requires products to clean, hydrate and refresh to stimulate the production of antioxidants to remove any excess fat.

- The normal skin: This type of skin needs a moisturizing product that traps moisture from the skin.

There are several options for cleaning the face. If you like traveling or fatigue overcomes you at night, choose wet wipes that have a cleansing oil that removes all makeup and impurities.

There are also gels and foams that removing make 2 in 1 face and eyes and also your skin tone.

No matter what product you choose, remember to apply it in the center of the face and extend toward the ends and the hairline, giving priority to the nose, chin and forehead where the makeup is accumulated in the lines and is more difficult to remove.

Besides cleaning your face, apply a toner to hydrate the skin and do not forget the neck and chest, as both sides of the body require the same care that the face.