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Important factors to Become a Model

Without false rhetoric, it is obvious that to begin this path must be physically attractive in the first place, maintained and refined to become a model. The body structure must be smooth, toned, strong, well proportioned with a height minimum of 170 cm and a size 40. Many agencies require models are particularly high, so you can play the role of a mannequin. The measures traditional "90-60-90" are not indispensable, especially these days, but it must be relatively fit this trend. The skin must be kept and beautiful. And mind you, having a small insignificant pimple does not affect anything!


However, to avoid disappointment, it is recommended to "try" in the analysis of fashion magazines to get an idea ? what you will probably be required?. For hair there are no particular indications. The reference agency will give you helpful tips for cutting and color, in a style that knows how to exploit them wisely. Some demand the knowledge of English. We must know how to move with elegance and spontaneity in front of a goal. It must also be present in many casting and be willing to live in the "fashion capital" (in Milan Italy in the first place, followed by Florence and Rome).

Obviously reiterate that beauty not everything. It should, as always in life, a strong fighting spirit and determination, charisma, safety, and skills such as reliability, professionalism and punctuality. Prerequisites generally universal in the world of work in any field. Do not forget to keep your eyes open, because in this world is easy to "exchange for firefly lanterns"!


What is the book?

The book is a kind of "photography curriculum". It contains many photos of models in different locations and with clothing: close-up, lingerie, outdoor photos. The picture quality is very important, so you should consult the experts: a specialist photographer and a professional makeup artist can highlight your facial features, enhance and hide small defects.

In the first case one must calculate the sum of 150-200 euros, while the make-up the figure is around 50-100 euros, for a maximum expenditure total of 200-300 euros, depending on your demands and expectations. The figure may even touch the highest peaks between 600 and 1000 euros. Beware for higher prices. Obviously at this price you have to add the cost of printing and developing photographs. If the model already has experience in the field, the book will include the photos of previous work and services.

What are composites:

Unlike the book, the composites have the cards in A5 format in which data is entered summary of the model and which are usually left to the model casting. On composites include, of course, photos, whereas being a two-sided card (in some cases even 4 or 6) is not much space. Measures of the model (height, weight, measurements and physical characteristics) is a pseudonym, in most cases it is not the real name. The personal details are not reported, because the reference is to the agency.

The composites can be made or their own costs, then adding the brand agency representative or "delegate" the agency itself. In this case the cost is borne by the model and will be far greater than that of typography. The percentage of "premium" will be between 50 and 70%, more than 100% (mark-up) shall be contested.