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Requirements : Become a Professional Model


When you start a career is very important to understand what are the features which is strong and those where most needed, and try to take the path to which is more likely. To become a model or you have to be nice / o with / or class. If you want to work in film or TV you will know how to sing, dance or talk.

However, if you want to work as a model / or need to know how to move ahead with a goal, you know how to be spontaneous and play "statically". In most cases you have to be young and have a physical tonic. It can also be very useful knowledge of English. In some cases there is beauty to be needed, but recognizable. For example, the classic housewife, the man with the mustache, nice face, etc.. These are known as "character actors" who are working for advertising and cinema but often are not beauty. "


Normally a girl / or begins to take its first steps into the world of fashion from 14 to 18 years, with regard to photography instead, we can say that there is no ideal age. For a photographer can be equally interesting to the face of an older person, like a child, as well as that of a girl of any age.


The minimum height for a mannequin is 170 cm while a wearer is 175 cm (minimum height is required because a model must be able to wear it without any problem, the sample collection designer). This requirement is not essential to the world of photography, where to dizzying heights is often preferred a photogenic face. For the models are not essential to the legendary measures 90-60-90, but may help to understand if the body is suited to the profession. As the request size is 40, maximum 42 (different models for the speech is oversize), and it is very important, both for fashion as for the photo, a well - proportioned body.


The skin of a model / or be nice and careful, but do not be problems for some pimple, (make-up there just to cover small imperfections). For hair there is a cut better than another, they usually are photographers or agents to advise the model s a cut or color can enhance the look.


Besides the physical posture is very important, especially for those parades. Poise, charisma, able to move with ease in front of a camera lens or a camera, are skills that are learned through experience and the strengths of each model.


A patient and available, it is sometimes more important than many physical requirements. Another imperative is the requirement seriously. The professionalism of a model or is determined by the present on time for appointments, from demonstrating reliable in all circumstances, and the maximum effort to achieve an optimal result.



Slide is the dream of many girls and boys, a real art, which makes this one of the most desirable professions and complex landscape of modern business. Not enough to have a suitable physical, you know how to use it effectively, manage better the strengths and correcting errors in posture, even the most trivial.


Withdraw at a professional level, it means perfection, performance, deep expressiveness that must excite, engage and persuade. For these reasons, we reveal some of the basic rules of each model in order to enable any aspiring model on the catwalk to its best ability.


The eyes should be fixed and impenetrable, as if looking at a fixed point to which only you have access. This is crucial, because the models or templates must remain neutral object of the parade to celebrate the same. It 'just that exciting to make the runway, take off the way disenchanted, fascinate and seduce him in a detached, emotionally and make it invulnerable to this intrigue the senses.


The behavior of the model or the model is made of steps, positions and ways to interact very special. The walk must be done with determination, putting one foot before the other beautifully, as we were walking on a straight line. The shoulders should stay relaxed. Conversely keep them close, as well as make them look small and therefore very aesthetically attractive, alters the body's negative attitude towards the public, as if he were afraid, with very negative
effects on personality.

- The head upward.
- The arms soft but not falling, they must move in the opposite direction to the legs.
- The back straight but not stiff.
- The flexible legs and well aligned.
- The bust must be rigid and well raised.
- The muscles of the back and abdomen should be contracted, stomach in and chest out.

Should be able to pull out with simplicity and harmony, keeping the body flexible and light, placing the heel first, then the plant and then the tip, according to an elegant and harmonious sequence.


Show confidence in their parade is a prerequisite for tackling the heart of the public and designers. Observer, who should not see indecision in your performance, so it is very important to work on your inner security to be able to express during the parade. Should be the model to "hold in hand" to charm its audience firmly.

The enthusiasm, confidence in themselves and in others, so much energy and awareness in their work, are essential steps to make way in the world of fashion.


The appearance should look nice, but not overly showy. In fashion, especially at the beginning, you should wear makeup with grace and simplicity, paying close attention to hair care.

In addition to these interim recommendations, for those who want to learn, deepen and refine your technique and your style, you can take a course of behavior.

During the course of carriage, you can:

- Do not eviscerate many theoretical aspects secondary.
- Receive oral lectures and demonstrations taught by real professionals.
- Experience real experience (eg contribution to fashion week).
- Perform practical exercises on the catwalk under the supervision of the sector PROFESSIONALS.