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Tips to see you Beautiful

Lift your Breasts:

Wear the right bra is vital, which raises your breast so that it looks horizontal to the ground and not fall. There is no reason (including size and shape) for the bust to look "down" or loose, a good bra makes you look strong and in place.

This makes the torso look slimmer and more defined waist. If your bust falls on the person's torso is thicker and matronly.

Appropriate portfolio:

If the portfolio falls on the hip, especially in the kind messenger bags make this look larger. Ideally the portfolio should be the waist. Lee portfolios for your body type: Portfolios for your body type

Female Shoes:

Avoid wearing shoes man kind unless you do it carefully. Prefer shoes with some heel and toe fine because lengthen legs. Shoes with thick heels and square and round or square tip create the opposite effect. Read shoes for every body type.



The light strips will help all figures. Avoid belts that make the rear look like a single mass, the buttocks should not join. Find bands that give rise to look like: two parts. The uni-butt does not fit anyone.

Avoid low waist cut that will cause the abdomen to push because it will look larger.

Create Waist:

Studies of people with small waist look more attractive. For this reason prefer to use styles of blouses, jackets and dresses that define the waist and avoids the hidden styles of men such as shirts or blouses loose unless you use belts.

Color in shoes and Handbags:

Do not use color always black Put your clothes shoes and bags with interesting colors.

Use Lipstick:

Brighten your smile but you wear makeup at least use lipstick.

Beauty addictions:

Almost all the women we like to look good, but when the quest for beauty becomes almost an addiction problems arise. Continue down

There are many addictions or obsessions relating to personal image. An addiction is something that interferes with normal life. Although the following list is not necessarily present addictions these are some of the obsessions related to beauty or image most common:

Is the name given unofficially to the condition in which people become addicted to tanning. These people tan more than necessary and can not stop tanning.

Addicted to exercise:

These people exercise for hours every day. Devote more time to exercise their responsibilities and if they are injured continue to exercise even against medical advice. If for some reason are not on time for exercise gives them a nervous breakdown. As in anorexia these people are never satisfied with her figure. This is not an addiction in the full sense of the definition, but some people can never be without makeup and used a lot. These people get up immediately after waking up and retouch during the day until bedtime arrives. Sometimes they have the latest products and the most expensive and spend a lot on this.

Plastic Surgery:

Some people become almost addicted to plastic surgery. After the first operation can not stop and continue with other sometimes unnecessary surgery. This is an expensive and dangerous addiction so uncommon, if the doctor suspected psychological problems relating to patient therapy. There are people who are obsessed with being blonde, they spend painting the hair frequently increasingly clear. Never let them see the roots. In some cases the color of hair does not suit them or mistreat him, but do not care if the hair is as blonde as possible.