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Seek series modeling agencies to work successfully in the world of fashion and entertainment.

A growing number of young men and women who harbor the desire of become role models and models well-known and limestone walkways and stages of the most prestigious real personal passion for many, others to find a diversion from the monotonous daily life and the usual office work, others for influence of television and advertising. The fashion industry is very hard, however, able to burn the most deserving in a short time, especially if you're very young and inexperienced. The fashion world has in fact times fast, frenetic, and it is difficult to keep up with these incessant rhythms, there are also environments. So many boys and girls aspiring models rely on modeling agencies that can definitely be helpful to guide them, guide them in the environment, and give them contracts, engagements and then create new faces and sometimes famous, the real star in great demand every fashion show or photo shoot to be and that with so much commitment, personal qualities and the right amount of luck stop treading the catwalk then move on to the stage or television film.

Major modeling agencies are obviously in big city such as Milan and Rome, but there are also good in other cities such as Florence and Bologna. Their work is usually paid on the basis of a percentage of the fee collected by the model or models their client, when it gets just a recruitment agency which will be the agent of fashion to procure: and then set the fashion agencies have an interest in disseminating the boys and girls their customers, because of these revenues on a percentage basis. In Italy there is no law that establishes the maximum percentage of the receivable by the agent, which can expose the model to problems in this regard as it can be seen throughout subtract the fee from an agent just honest and dedicated only to its own revenue rather than to the tasks of his client. A level international medicaments this percentage seems to be around 10% of recruitment model, a percentage that rises to around 20% in case of jobs for advertising services: Useful information that aspiring models should keep in mind, if you do not want to be faced with unpleasant situations and seeing curtail much of their income.

There are in fact the most serious agencies and agencies unfortunately less honest. To recognize each other, meanwhile, we can use this first test on percentage of the agent and be wary of those who justify a payment on the pretext of "agency fees" to represent your image, of course there are some exceptions and you should see where this is a purely honorary and professional when it comes to a real their deception by agents presumed. You can also follow other indicators, such as the selection level of aspiring models and fashion models: Beware of agencies that assume everyone without distinction, without first a careful assessment of the person, his physical gifts and his photo book professional, in particular it must not necessarily be required as a service to the agency itself which we addressed, but it can be done separately, with the choice of a photographer of trust in order to avoid any conflict of interest related to the cost of book itself. Anyway, the photo book, a ceiling of expenditure can be estimated at around 700 euro paying close attention to the quality of the photo and press and asking to see previous work, of course, in this case, a photographer who can ask more than that amount be a serious professional and qualified, then you should not generalize.

An agency must immediately tell if it has serious intention or not to serve as a model, if it is concerned with its qualities and its aesthetic qualities and, in our opinion questionable, does not necessarily require registration fees, as agency selective fashion, the more serious and reliable: it is better to hear an honest professional real serious chance to become a model by profession, rather than being teased, empty dreams and ambitions grow, and seeing also subtract the money (and the spending its time and illusions). Generally wary of agencies who ask for money immediately, for example, imaginary courses of behavior, speech or similar and equally directed to all potential patterns, unless you request them to yourself. Usually the only income of the agencies must be the percentage of engagement, and this should serve as a stimulus for the agency to procure good and economically satisfactory to both parties. Unless these courses are not aimed at a very small elite of models of particular merit, but in fact, be extremely limited in number and most importantly it is the way they are accessed and where they are proposed, though in a context of collaboration in act first, or if services paid immediately goes for these.

Among the modeling agencies there is a sort of professional ethics, which is leading to not "stealing" from their models, especially those who may have one more chance and that are particularly promising. You do not become models for the case: first, it takes the right qualities, physical and character, a lot of commitment, propensity for a particular type and style of life, without stress, to-close, air travel and driving rhythms, and of course is crucial, as in all fields, a good dose luck. It should also be wary of those agencies which do not provide for too long contracts to his client or that instead procure only small engagements, because both mean that the agency does not have the contacts or promises that merely to increase the models entered without which then has the actual job opportunities for all.

Today it's easier to find lots of information otherwise unknown: in fact, many agencies have a website that provide the company's data, pictures and curriculum models that represent and especially the contacts they have with directors, designers, etc.: certainly is a visible display and you can not hide or otherwise give false information about work, clients and contacts, since they had too many eyes on him. It is essential, once you have the requirements right, able to rely on a good agency, which has contacts with directors, fashion magazines, stylists, photographers and advertising studios, and if the same have also developed good contacts, will be to date and informed on any casting or the possibility of obtaining an engagement to their constituents, it is difficult to propose directly to those who need a model or a model for advertising purposes or to take off: the agency has the task of mediating the two sides, is his work, in order to avoid that the pattern or patterns to be cheated, protecting them from work dishonest, just under the market knowledge and industry and based on its experience will help in the management and conduct of careers of his clients. An agency that meets and really taking his ward will also be able to give advice, especially in the early stages of the employment relationship, on how to present themselves, and sides of character and aesthetic value or to hide it when the same will present the various casting fashion.