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Make-Up Tips

Five keys to a smooth skin & the enemies of your skin


Have you ever thought that the skin of your face has nothing to do with the bodies? In a way, do not have a point. The skin of the body can be as thin as that of the eyelids or as thick as the soles of the feet, the body adjusts its thickness and characteristics to their needs.

•For your lack of sebaceous glands, arms and legs tend to show symptoms of dryness, as tension or flaking. It is therefore important to apply a good moisturizer daily, preferably after showering and the skin moist so that the cream acts as a barrier that "seals" the water into the skin.

•Eye over time. Avoid very long baths, which only serve to dehydrate the skin. If you like, you can add them more moisturizing oils.

•The oils, good allies. When you have time, you can perform this simple "mask" Body: After shower, and with skin still wet, oil extends a body from feet to neck and, as has penetrated slightly, apply a generous layer of moisturizer on top.

•No excesses. Do not abuse cleaning: the soap can be very aggressive and excessively dry skin.
•If you take a shower several times a day (for example, after the gym), do not lather the entire body, only the areas that need better hygiene, such as the armpits, and always use neutral gels.


Every woman wants to have a skin young and healthy, besides the time however, many enemies of which you have to take care to get well achieve healthy skin.

Know what those enemies of the skin, we live with every day and protect yourself.

•UVB rays are responsible for sunburn, while UVA is mainly responsible for aging by attacking the collagen and elastin fibers, causing sagging and wrinkles.

•Every cigarette is a triple aggression against skin generates free radicals, decreases oxygen delivery to cells and cause wrinkles in the lip due to cigarette-sucking gesture.
•Pollution. As the cigarette smoke, environmental toxins assault the health of the skin and remove years.
•Lack of sleep. When you get less sleep, the body is disrupted. Recent studies have shown that well-deserved rest refuse accelerates the aging process.
•Alcohol. Take a little wine during a meal or a drink from time to time does not harm the skin, but regular alcohol intake leading to dehydration and sag just as well aggravate the problems of sensitive skin and or cuperosis.