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Kate Moss and Kristen Stewart: An icon of style and its successor

Kate Moss, in his thirty-seven years is an example of model style worldwide, but its shadow has emerged a new star, Kristen Stewart. Its keys are naturally translated into the apparent absence of makeup and hair tousled and sexy, heels or converse does not matter, but with a wild touch in the background. First of all his personality is reflected in its appearance and leaves its mark on him, that is the keynote of the style of both.

Although the fashion world is characterized by constant change and versatility, the fortunes of the boys, the trends for the clothing formal men remain in force for several seasons, as opposed to fashion of girls. Regardless of trends, elegance reigns in all aspects of the cabinet, especially the 2011.

Kate Moss:

Kate is a supermodel of thirty-seven years has led a wild life and has never apologized for it. At his age there are no supermodels, she is an exception. Her companions in the nineties will always remain in the spotlight, but his star is no longer comparable to the Moss. Retains an aspect of adolescent despite its excesses and boasts a casual chic fashion. Kate Moss has continued a life of twenty to thirty, and that does not skimp on shorts and Ugg boots combined with tight sweaters, short skirts, skinny jeans and comfortable shoes, rock-inspired blazers, leather jackets and sunglasses Ray Ban Wayfarer.

Kate's appearance is always relaxed as if he had caught the first thing we found in the closet to get up after a night of drinking and had left the house without combing your hair and huge sunglasses that cover your dark circles. Denotes a style that innate elegance and little effort.

As for the colors used are almost always neutral, pink makeup, ocher, beige, white, widely used in pantsuits and of course, black. As for the prints often used to leopard, showing off his wild style. However, some features and Kate-aversive behavior, his features rare and extreme thinness generate controversy, some attractive and others consider it unattractive and anorexic. No less discussed his addiction to drugs and alcohol and his penchant for coats and jackets fur animal. Opinions aside, Kate Moss is the second highest paid model in the world after the Brazilian top Giselle Bundchen.

Kristen Stewart:

This young girl only twenty years is known for her role as Bella Swan the Twilight saga. Kristen is popular, not only for his commercial films, but holds a large cache among aspiring young actresses juicy roles in the American indie scene. But Kristen also surprised by his relaxed style, called to be the new Kate Moss, she shares her air rocker, her slender figure and penchant for skinny pants and neutral colors. Kate is a brunette, twenties and sneakers, no one has been better.

Kristen urban style is simple, shirt tied at the hip, cigarettes and converse black or white, tall or short, leather jacket and sometimes a balaclava which gives it a male in contrast to his angelic face. As Kate does not like to comb and makeup too, your password is also found in the natural. Stewart's detractors say his apparent antipathy and thinness, as well, he was also blamed for the wearing of long hair dirty.

The beauty is in the eye of the beholder:

Whether true or not, there is nothing written tastes. Kate is an accomplished top model and Kristen, a rising star, which does not mean your style is not suitable for anyone who has the reason to be shared by all. The only valid rule of glamour to be learned from these two divas is that personality should be reflected in any attitude.