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Make-Up Tips

Tips to look Thinner in Photos & keep the Figure

Proper body posture or a flattering fit can reduce kilos in seconds, without having to submit to strict diets or, worse, the dreaded yo-yo ... Want to learn how to look good in photos, be like you? Takes note of these tricks, and become a professional model for a day.

When posing in front, turns a little part of the body and put aside. Believe it or not, the photos look directly at the camera offer an unflattering angle for almost any shape, and very few women feel comfortable with the result of a frontal photo.

 Place one foot after the other to carry out a leg and thus lengthen the optical effect and it appears that lights endless legs. Point both feet toward the camera and your knees slightly bent: thus the figure is refined, and hips a little wide or cartridge disappear like magic.

Do not throw your head back. Try to align your chin toward your chest whenever you can to avoid shadowing 'rare', or your neck appear wider than it is.

If the picture allows, posing hands on hips to separate the arms. In this way seem thinner than when they are close to the body. Then, breathing, stands back, and stand straight. The shoulders are stretched, aligning himself with the hip, chest and tummy rises ... disappears.


Combines solid colors with printed, leaving these to the body part you want to highlight. If you have a beautiful neckline, have all eyes focused on him. If instead you're proud of your wasp waist, highlight it with a belt. Remember that it is not wearing baggy clothes to hide and no way but to show off and enhance the female form ...

Remember that heels, besides being almost de rigueur for the add-feet at weddings (though the dancers are increasingly fashionable), lengthen the leg, stylized, and make you feel more feminine. The 'slimming effect' clothing you wear is largely a mental attitude ... Do not leave home!

Finally, one of the fundamental rules of any stylist: Fit-ones to your size, to offset the figure. If you're great, a small bag will make you look bigger by comparison, so ... bet on the XL!

Drink two liters of water a day. It will help you with any appliance therapy is more effective and moisturize your skin to regenerate more quickly.

GOODBYE TO THE BAD HABITS: Having a balanced diet is essential. The cigarette, alcohol and poor diet will make all your effort is in vain. Or at least see that the results are postponed or reduced.

Exercise Regularly : Help to mobilize the fat, stimulate the circulation and define your figure. Physical activity also helps the cellulite and firming treatments that applied to the skin as are creams and gels work better.

SEARCH prolonged effect : If you are buying a cellulite treatment cream, look for one that pays you long-acting or slow absorption. These serve for longer on your skin, which will translate into better results.