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I want to be Model

Races modeling are coveted by many girls and seem to be more glamorous than they really are. Types of models and require different types of bodies.

The Runway Modeling : These are the models we see in fashion shows and sections on fashion magazines.

To be a fashion model at the international level are needed certain characteristics :

1 - Age : 15 to 22. Among younger the better because the longer the race.

2 - Height : at least 5'8 (1.73 m ) maximum 6 ' (1.82 m )

3 - Weight : about 120 pounds (54 Kilos ). The models are are generally too thin and people naturally thin.

4 - Type Body : they prefer bodies with long legs and short torsos . The legs should be longer than normal .

5 - Skin : The skin should from perfect

6 - Must photograph well and have a smooth bone structure and eye expressive. Models on the catwalk as fashion is the clothing. Before they were more plump and sexy today. This racism is a race where most of the models are white and blonde.


International Runway Models have careers that consuming. We work hard during the parade fashion and then there are periods without work. During parades almost no sleep, constantly travel between the capitals Fashion ( New York , Milan , London , Paris etc . ) and sometimes suffering from irritation in the face of constantly changing makeup.

The Runway Modeling career but also has glamour has challenges because the girls have to be separated from their family in an environment where drugs and promiscuity are standard. It is also a sprint that takes only a few years.

Most models are not rich or famous. Reach the level of international model is not easy because there is limited opportunities and intense competition . Most models work with photography for magazines, shops, catalogs and other promotions. In these activities, salaries are lower and usually are not full-time careers.

Due to the wide variety of products that require promotion the type of models is broader. Here models chubby , shorter and with different characteristics. It is easier to enter this industry but there is less work and least remunerative.

Other Models:

There are several types of special models including, models sports and exercise : These have a body type athletic body have more "normal "and normal weight. Models of hands , feet , legs , back etc..These people have some parts of your body very attractive and are used commercials .

Models Special :

There are petite models with lower height and models Large size with great bone structure and in some overweight cases, the rest of the features is similar to the gateway. Work is more limited but opportunities.

Promotional Models :

Are participating in fairs, conferences etc .

What to do if you want to be model :

If you think you have the characteristics of tomato models natural photos with a photographer who knows photography commercial. Avoid photos that look very artificial inns and send them to agencies that specialize in the type of modeling you want in the cities where you want to work.

Agencies in USA and Europe are advised not to take modeling courses or paying agencies. In Latin America can be different. Finding work as a model requires persistence and not giving up easily.