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How to do well in Photos : Most beautiful in the pictures

Show your best side in the photos is easy and with practice is achieved. There are many tricks to do well in the photos without retouching.

Remember that not all angles favor them equally to all people so some of the tricks of which you speak may not be the best for you but you should try. These tips are for casual photos at parties or other activities.

1 - The bright colors look better in photos and videos that white or black. Pale colors tend to be paler. If you're going to take many pictures frames or special consider this when selecting your clothes. Use colors you favor.

2 - If you go to a studio to take pictures considered: uniform colors and long sleeves look best. The prints are distracted a lot and if you can group photos using a single color in a blouse or similar colors.

3 - As bright makeup prevents undesirable because it can create reflections in photos.


4 - Try to focus your sights on a photographer's shoulder and away from the lens. This makes your chin down a bit with this for the camera angle and look better.

5 - If you have double chin you can support the face in his hands to cover it but it is a false support. Just put your hands and do not support the skin to prevent wrinkles.

6 - button or buttonhole, cheese or Money. There are several words that are used to achieve open his mouth in a favorable way in the photos. 

The best advice is to test your smile and take away a lot of photos to determine which is best for you.

7 - Stretch your neck, shoulders down and relax. This makes the neck look longer and you'll look more beautiful and natural.

8 - Do not show your whole face to the camera and only 75%. In other words do not put all the faces in front of the camera looks for an angle.

9 - What's your best angle? Take photos at home and try various angles to determine which favors you. We all have a more favorable angles than others.

10 - Relax. This is one of the most important tips. When we get nervous and tense the face does not look good. Breathe and enjoy the experience, and will not think about the photo and if you like or do not take pictures. Think of something nice that makes you happy, remember a loved one and funny as a pet or child.

11 - If you want to look sexy in the picture, a widely used trick is to imagine that the camera is a guy who drives you crazy and you these flirting.

12 - Look good posture whether you're sitting or standing.

13 - Practice, practice, practice. The more photos you take and more practice the better. Gradually learn how to look better in photos.

A good photographer always helps if you do not go as pretty as you blame it on the photographer.