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Make-Up Tips

Well-arched brows: the best time to shave eyebrows

In the 20s, eyebrows fashion proposing nothing more than a very thin line. The movie stars of the 50 peels to redraw its route over natural.

In the 80s, known as Madonna, Brooke Shields look imposing a highly populated and marked, almost wild. And the beauty of the third millennium manicured eyebrows commitment, while maintaining its appearance and natural line.

The layout of the eyebrows can be determined based on three reference points that can be found easily with the help of a pencil. It is situated on the wings of the nose and from there it follows the line that connects the birth and final brow. The peak of the arch is facing forward and taking as reference the center of the pupil. These three points allow drawing the curve of the eyebrow respecting its real form.

Pluck eyebrows always below its natural, not over, but this does not mean you can not remove hairs that can climb the temples.

The easiest way to do that is with tweezers: the wax is only recommended for women with long hair, and always used by beauticians to avoid accidents. To reduce the hassle of pull of the forceps, can numb the area from ice to numb it, and tighten your skin with your hands for easy hair removal.


The shape of your eyebrows talks about your personality:

•Smooth arc: You're a conservative girl. This type of eyebrow reflects confidence in yourself and sophistication.
•Slim: You're a crazy girl and rather extreme. You are always fashionable and are quite popular.
•Natural: You're a cool girl and good wave uncomplicated existence, you're a good friend and everyone will always ask for advice.
•Curve: You're a girl who likes the glamour, grooming and looking super good times.
•RA: You're a very focused and mature girl. You are 100% female, you love the classic clothing and accessories.
•Inverted "V": I love being the center of attention and walk in the blowout. Your friends trust you and your good taste.

Undoubtedly, the hairs left over from the eyebrows are the most annoying and ugly. Caliper hand, do not hesitate to remove them whenever you can. But, have you considered whether there is an optimal time to remove them? As noted, it is best to do so after the shower or bath.

The reason is that the steam produced by hot water opens the pores, which facilitates the removal of hair and, above all, it becomes less painful, which is welcome in a particularly sensitive area.

One trick: If you're still bothered by the tug, before ice passes through the area to be waxed for light anesthesia.