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Who can be a model?

Being a model is the dream of many, many, both for fashion on runways, as well as advertising work, photographic, film and television, the personal satisfaction of displaying the beauty of self is a reward that many seek, and only a few succeed.

Modeling job is not easy, although it is quite true that much of the necessary skills are obtained only from the genetic heritage and luck, there are a lot of knowledge and experience that one must learn for himself, and that will make difference between simply photogenic model and a model with charisma, personality, flexible and communicative.

Unfortunately for all those working in this world, many of the crossroads and disadvantages that a model will face in his career will be difficult. The responsibility and the conviction with which the model to acknowledge and act on these problems will be essential to resolve their careers with integrity.

This article offers an introduction to some of the most important one model, especially in the beginning, you must know to function properly in its infancy: how to start, where to go, what to do and how to avoid some of the problems we may encounter.

Contrary to what many might infer, in practice there is no physical requirement to work as a model. Since many fields and styles covering the audiovisual world and fashion, there is the possibility that for some jobs will require profiles that are far from the archetype "Top-model" Even totally opposite.

The physical requirements for those aspiring models parading on runways in fashion or advertising most photographic work are almost always governed by the same social trends as far as beauty is concerned prototypes. These trends, which currently are quite strict and unfortunately the scope of a minority. Arguably the most demanding requirements for a model set out in the field of fashion, in which not only the beauty, shape and height that premium, but also a number of specific skills for which there are even specialized schools.

As fashion shows the far minority as to requirements, are below those works that relate to advertising, in film or television and photography: the requirements in these disciplines are not as explicit as they are media which the model is not in-situ work, but will undergo training photo shoots or recording in which the shots can be repeated and in which technology offers the possibility of selection and post-production.

The latter is perhaps the most popular discipline for the models, to be a relatively large demand for advertising, and that furthermore, the height of the model (A practice known as the most stringent requirements) does not acquire such importance.